Actemium, an active participant in the move to smart industry, is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to industrial processes. Operating throughout the equipment life cycle, Actemium designs, implements and maintains its customers’ production equipment with the goal of continuously improving their performance.


Actemium is VINCI Energies international brand when it comes to industry. The brand includes more than 300 business units in 38 countries. In the Actemium network we work both local and global. This way business is conducted as close as possible to our customers, and each business unit benefits from the expertise of the network. In the Nordics, we have six business units connected to the Actemium network.

  • Actemium Industry Stenungsund
  • Actemium Automation Stenungsund
  • Actemium Service Management
  • Emil Lundgren Industry
  • Processkontroll
  • Processkontroll Elektriska

Actemium Industry Stenungsund, provides electrical and instrumental installations. Main Segments are ”Chemicals”,” Energy”,” Oil &Gas”,” Pulp and Paper”,” Refining” and” Water”.

Actemium Automation Stenungsund, provides automation solutions. Main Segments are ”Water” and ” Infrastructure, movable bridges and sluices.

Actemium Service Management, provides electricity, energy and climate services for industrial facilities. They work across all our industrial segments.

In the Nordics, we have kept the local brands on three of our business units included in the Actemium network ; Emil Lundgren Industry, Processkontroll and Processkontroll Elektriska due to their local strength on our Nordic market.

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