About VINCI Energies Nordic

Description of VINCI Energies in the Nordic countries & key figures

In a world undergoing constant change, VINCI Energies Nordic meets the needs arising from the digital transformation and the energy transition. Our global and local brands Actemium, Axians,  Omexom, Emil Lundgren, Conductor, Eitech, Inac Process, Processkontroll och Processkontroll Elektriska offers a wide range of services within our business lines; industry, service sector and ICT. Our business units are close to our customers and highly independent to be abel to respond quickly and flexibly to changes and opportunities in their local markets.

At the same time, we have access to a network all over the world. VINCI Energies Nordic is part of the VINCI Energies which in turn is part of the VINCI Group with 200 000 employees in more than one hundred countries.

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