Our business lines

VINCI Energies deploys its fields of expertise in four business lines: infrastructure, industry, service sector and ICT.


industryFrom engineering to implementation, commissioning and maintenance, VINCI Energies Nordic designs integrated solutions and services for its customers:

Power distribution, industrial monitoring and control, PLCs, mechanical systems;

Industrial maintenance and related services, multi-technical and multi-site contracts.

Our most important segments in industry business line are:

  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Energy
  • Nuclear
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Refineing
  • Water
  • Infrastructure, movable bridges and sluices
  • Cold and Ironing Shore connections

Service sector

services_sectorIn new installations and refurbishment, VINCI Energies Nordic business units implement the full range of interior equipment that enables service sector buildings to meet the most demanding energy efficiency standards.

Energy and communication networks, heating, safety and security, building automation systems, fire detection and protection;

Energy efficiency (new build and retrofit)

Facility management

Our segments in the Service sector are;

  • EL
  • Data & Tele
  • Construction
  • Programming and service


ictVINCI Energies Nordic offers a comprehensive range of ICT solutions and services:

Design and implementation of ICT infrastructure: construction of networks for telecommunication operators and companies, data centers, IT security;

Manage services: infrastructure maintenance and operation in hybrid mode (on-site Cloud);

Supply and implementation of application solutions: business solutions, business intelligence, business analytics and collaborative solutions.

When it comes to the ICT section, our most important segments are:

  • Cloud & Datacenters
  • Telecom infrastructures
  • Digital Workspace
  • Enterprise Networks
  • Business Applications

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